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COCONUT DRIPBAGS | lmtd coffee

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Coconut, Caramel, Sugar Cane, Hazelnuts

The process of this coffee starts with a good selection of ripe cherries. They are then bagged and sealed to begin anaerobic fermentation. This first stage is followed by an oxidation process, in which the bags are opened and the cherries are placed in open plastic containers to be in contact with oxygen until the fermentation reaches the desired temperature, and the process ends with a thermal shock by placing the cherries in cold water before drying. The coffee enters the drying room for 15 to 18 days and is inoculated with the Pura Cepa's consortium of microorganisms to enhance the desired flavour and aroma. It is then left to dry until the desired moisture content is reached.




Villa Pastora


Anaerobic Natural - Exotic


1800 - 1850 MT


Pink Bourbon


Omni | Filter/Espresso