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EL CLÁSICO: Colombia El Obraje 250 g pirate of coffee

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Chocolatey and strawberry-forward, this Colombian produced by Pablo Guerrero is an instant classic. 

This single origin has everything we look for in washed Colombian coffees: a sweet and clean cup that has the perfect balance of chocolate and fruit.

Enjoy it as filter or espresso. With milk or milk alternatives, it reminds us of strawberry cheesecake.

Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Chocolate Fudge, Peach, Caramel

Cup score: 84.0 ☕  



The coffee was produced at Hacienda El Obraje in Pasto, Nariño. The farm has been in Pablo’s family for many years and originally produced wheat and other grains. In the 1990’s, the Colombian government began importing grains, and cultivating wheat was no longer viable. Looking for an alternative, Pablo and his team experimented with fruit trees, including apples and peaches, for ten years, but challenges like bringing fresh fruit to market made fruit cultivation unsuccessful.


When Pablo first began planting coffee in 2000, he grew traditional, conventional coffee and did not have a mill. By 2009, he had built a facility to process his own coffee and entered into the specialty coffee market. His experiments continued; he planted new varieties and processed Natural as well as Washed coffees. Planting coffee was initially risky because he was unsure how productive coffee would be at such a high elevation, but the coffee trees flourished and now others are following in his footsteps.

First coffee cherries are fermented for 20 hours in cherry in the same bags used by pickers. Cherries are selectively harvested for ripeness and also sorted by floatation. After depulping, coffee is dry fermented for another 24 hours and then fully washed, concluding with a second floatation sort. 

Washed coffee typically dries for an average of 16 days on raised beds or four days in the mechanical parchment combustion dryer, where it receives a hot air flow of 30 degrees Celsius.



☠️ Single origin from Colombia

☠️ Region: Pasto, Nariño, Colombia

Roasting Date :October 27, 2022

☠️ Producer: Pablo Andres Guerrero

☠️ Farm: Hacienda El Obraje

☠️ Roast: Medium

☠️ Brew: Filter/Espresso

☠️ Varietal: Caturra

☠️ Process: Washed

☠️ Tasting notes:

  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate Fudge
  • Peach
  • Caramel

☠️ Altitude: 2200 masl

☠️ Harvest: Year round (arrived January 2021)

☠️ Imported by: Ally Coffee

☠️ Whole bean

تاريخ التحميص : 19/9/22