Timemore FISH Smart Electric Pour Over Kettle /800 ml black

Timemore FISH Smart Electric Pour Over Kettle /800 ml black

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Fast: 3 minutes to boil with high speed.Consistent:Patented goose neck spout make steady vertical water flow.Accurate: STRIX TECHNOLOGY temp. controller make the accuracy reach 1 °

Q: What is the difference between smart version and Standard Version?
A : A: Smart version come with Bluetooth and WIFI function, can be connected to the phone in TIMEMORE App. The appearance of two version is same.

Q: Why does screen display abnormally?/ Why doesn't kettles work?
A: A: Fish Smart Electric kettle work with 1500W. Please make sure to use 1500W stable power (eg, Please pay attention to the power mark when use plug board ; It is not recommended use high power electrics at the same time to avoid insufficient total power)

Q: What should I do if the kettle dry-boiling?
A: User press the start heating button by mistake when no water or water is less than minimum level of the pot, Boil-dry protection would make kettle power off automatically. Since Dry-boiling may cause damage to the temperature-sensing part in the pot, this situation is not covered by the warranty. If the kettle dry-boiling, switch off the power first, then add some water in the pot, and switch on the power when the kettles colds down.

Q: Why the screen display the temperature is higher than I set?
A: It is recommended add more than 500ml water in the pot. Since Fish Smart Electric Kettle come with 1500W, temperature controller make heating speed fast when less water in the pot.