JAM | square mile coffee roastery 200 g

JAM | square mile coffee roastery 200 g

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It is that fruit-bomb-bursts-of-berry time of year, and we’re making a jammy fuss! Presenting the most deliciously bright, pink, red, purple melange of jammy notes we could get our hands on, we bring you the once-off, limited-run, JAM!

Like cramming as many wild fruit notes into an espresso like we do with Sweetshop – we wanted to experiment and develop a filter coffee that embodies and illustrates jamminess.



Jam is sold in 200g and packed in glass Jam jars. To ensure the safe arrival of your order and allow for total degassing, all Jam coffee will be rested for a minimum of 48 hours before dispatch.





We often use the words jam or jammy to describe coffee because the acidity, sweetness and texture, as well as the range of fruit jam is made from, sums up some of the qualities we look for in a tasty brew. The sentence below describes coffee, however could very well be found on your jam label.

‘With tons of sticky sweetness, lovely refreshing acidity, a rich texture and flavours of fresh ripe fruits.’

Sounds delicious, right?

So how do we choose coffees to create the jammiest blend possible? As always, seasonality plays a huge role, and we couldn’t have timed it any better! 

When we started thinking about coffee as JAM, we immediately jumped to the inherent qualities of Colombian and Kenyan coffee and how combined, we could really push the concept of a jammy cup to the max. From Colombia, you generally get crisp, balanced coffees with lots of sweetness and typical flavours of apple and blackberry. Kenya, on the other hand, brings all the berry and citrusy zing that we often associate with a jammy cup. 

When we tasted La Yalena from Antioquia, we knew we found our base. A washed lot Produced by Elkin Dario Diosa, La Yalena offers tonnes of sweetness amplified by red hues of berry notes and rich texture. Paying higher than average for pickers to select ripe cherry only, Elkin views picking as crucial to enhancing cup score. One of the main factors adding to the jamminess of La Yalena is that the cherries are “rested” for 24 hours before depulping and washing. This imbues the coffee with more berry-forward notes by drawing more fermentation-inducing microorganisms to the cherry while adding a touch of carbonic maceration as the fruit ferments inside the skin. Sweet, sticky and delightfully fruity, a great jam always needs a splash of citrus, and where better to find those notes than Kenya. 

A poster child for Kirinyaga and a great example of the precision and professionalism of coffee processing in Kenya, Gakuyuini shouted JAM thanks to its sweet floral hints and juicy red cranberry character. The only factory under the Thirikwa Farmers Cooperative Society, Gakuyuini, sits on the slopes of Mount Kenya only an hour and a half away from Nairobi. With 1600 members, Thirikwa has been one of the best-paying Kenyan Societies for the past four years. Like most coffees produced in Kenya, Gakuyuini is “dry-fermented,” meaning the depulped cherries are fermented without adding additional water before being washed and soaked. This fermentation style tends to be a little more aggressive – once again summoning all of the microbes contributing to the coffees’ jamminess.

Though a world apart, both La Yalena and Gakuyuini are processed using fermentation styles that create a juicier, jammier cup. Coming together in a symphony of hot pink, red and purple notes reminiscent of sticky straw-black-blue-berry delight, these coffees are also are shining examples of quality processing and regional flavour profiles. 

Not too fancy for your toast, lovely with scones and just right for cake, JAM will make your lips smack!