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La Marzocco Lux D 61 mm Flat Burr - Coffee Grinder

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La Marzocco LUX D Grinder Black:

La Marzocco teamed up with Mazzer to create this Lux D burr grinder to bring the cafe experience to the home barista. It's an impressive combination of size and power, with a host of features. It comes with 61 mm steel flat burrs that can grind 18 grams of coffee in 10 seconds. (Note: may slightly vary with different coffees and unseasoned burrs). You can also expect proper extraction of coffee grounds as it ensures even particle distribution.

It has On Demand Dosing system, which provides the advantages of the funnel combined with one-handed dosing. It helps deliver coffee grounds with the portafilter button, which is further helped by the inclusion of portafilter rest. The stepless grind adjustment allows for infinite control over brew time. It is the key for dialing in that perfect shot of espresso for your personal taste. Plus, the standard short bean hopper with a capacity of 0.6kg is enough to pull a handful of shots a day and occasionally serve groups of guests with a round of cappuccinos. This ergonomic and professional grinder will fit perfectly with all interiors with its black finish. Also available in white and stainless steel finishes.


How to use this coffee grinder:
  • Make sure the hopper is positioned correctly and fastened before grinding. Now fill the bean hopper with fresh roasted coffee beans.
  • Adjust the grind size with the help of adjustment disk located under the hopper using the relevant handle. (Refer the manual to know more.)
  • Release the beans into the grinder container by opening the lock slide.
  • Place your portafilter on the rest and nudge it inward to press the dosing push button.
  • Take the portafilter away to release the button and stop the grinding process.


Care and Use:
  • Designed solely for grinding coffee beans. Never put coffee grounds in the hopper (intended only for beans).
  • Remove the beans from the hopper by lifting off the lid and pouring excess beans out. Hold down the Manual button to clean out any remaining beans.
  • Do not let any kind of liquid come in contact with interior or exterior parts of the appliance.
  • Wash the bean hopper, bean hopper lid, grind chamber, and grind chamber lid by hand with hot, soapy water and dry thoroughly.
  • Do not use abrasive products to clean, as it might take the sheen off shiny parts.

Kindly refer to the instruction manual included before using the grinder for the first time.


La Marzocco is considered a trendsetter for innovation of style and technique within the specialty coffee world. Be it home espresso machines or commercial options, it always delivers. Check out the complete range