Niche Zero Grinder black ضمان سنة

Niche Zero Grinder black ضمان سنة

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Zero Grind Retention – With no more waste you’ll get exactly the same grind out as you put in.

Grind as you need – Keeping your coffee at its freshest is best done in air-tight containers. No mroe stalling beans in the hopper.

63mm Conical BurrsThe Niche Zero Grinder has premium 63mm conical burrs,  normally only found in commercial, high end grinders.

Compact Design – Simple on-off switch and grind size guide on the adjustment colloer gives you complete control over the grinder.

Silent and Controlled Motor – Under 72dB during grinding with burr speeds ideal for the sweetest cup of coffee.

NFC Disk Included – The Niche Flow Control Disk eliminates pop-corning in the hopper and ensures the beans grind more consistently.

Easy Burr Maintenance– Designed to make cleaning simple for everyone. Aligning is 100% correct every time.

Commercial Grade – Built for professionals baristas but design compact for homes.


  • Niche Zero Coffee Grinder
  • 50 gram Dosing Cup
  • Flow Control Disk (NFC)


  • Cast Aluminium, Hardwood Trim
  • Dimensions: 31x21x12 cm
  • Weight: 4kg
  • Burrs: 63mm Conical Burrs
  • Speed To Grind: 1.5g/s fine (espresso), 1.8g/s medium (chemex), 2.1g/s coarse (French press)
  • Grinding Capacity: 50 grams
  • Stepless Grinding