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PULY CAFF Plus® Polvere da 570g NSF

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by Puly
  • About this item Puly Caff cleaner for coffee machines, portafilter, etc. 570 g.
  • Imported from Italy

Puly Caff cleaner for coffee machines, portafilter, etc 570 g

pulyCAFF, the detergent that makes espresso better

The espresso machine can be defined as the "pot" in which the espresso is born, on which, at the end of cooking, food residues are deposited: no one would dream of cooking a dish in a dirty pan!

And no one should brew an espresso from a machine in which fat residues, carbon deposits and encrustations have accumulated for days: the “dirt” that the coffee releases at each extraction. If not removed periodically, these substances turn rancid, alter the taste of the drink and prevent proper extraction and proper functioning of the equipment, because they obstruct the holes in the dispenser unit and the drain solenoid valve.

pulyCAFF is the daily solution to ensure the goodness of each extraction and a long, healthy life of the espresso machine: it removes fat residues, descales, eliminates old coffee deposits and neutralizes any odor from the brew group, filters and filter holders, drain solenoid valve and all water passages. It acts quickly: its energy develops already in the first 10-15 seconds of contact with hot water and allows you to remove dirt in a few minutes.

Developed by Asachimici in 1961, pulyCAFF was the first specific product for cleaning the espresso machine, patented and registered on five continents. Respectful of the health of the operator and the environment, it is based on substances that are totally and easily soluble in water and in compliance with the current Community regulations concerning the cleaning of equipment in contact with food and certified by the NSF International - National Sanitation body. Foundation - American.

The powder product is available in 20 g sachets (pack of ten pieces) and 370, 570 and 900 g jars, with the practical pourer incorporated in the cap.

How to use

Cleaning the group with blind filter:

pour a teaspoon - 3-5 gr - of pulyCAFF into the blind filter and attach the group
start dispensing stop it after 10 seconds; repeat 5 times
unhook the unit and dispense water repeatedly
to rinse, repeat step 2. without pulyCAFF powder.
Cleaning of filters and filter holders:

pour 3 teaspoons - 10 g - of pulyCAFF into a liter of very hot water
soak the filters and filter holders in the solution for 15 minutes
rinse with plenty of running water.