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Sanremo F18 Professional 2G - Coffee Machine

Original price Dhs. 46,000.00 - Original price Dhs. 46,000.00
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Dhs. 46,000.00
Dhs. 46,000.00 - Dhs. 46,000.00
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The Sanremo F18 has a sleek design and user-friendly interface inspired by fighter jets. It’s a tried & tested workhorse, designed for medium to high volume coffee venues. F18 is a multi boiler machine with great steam performance and next-generation technology providing intuitive programming and features that improve both performance and energy efficiency (SEEM).

Designed for Baristas

Real-time temperature display, easy programmability for dialing in your recipes & a digital control interface provides all the information you need.

Advanced Steam Function

The quarter-turn steam valves and ‘Cool Touch’ wands mean baristas can give 100% to focusing on their latte art without worrying about the risk of burns.

Energy Saving System

With PID Heat Control system and insulated boilers, the F18 uses up to 35% less energy than any traditional single boiler machine. 


  • High-performance volumetric pump for prolonged use
  • Cool Touch Steam wands fitted with latte-art terminals
  • Real-time temperature control for high thermal stability
  • Insulation & smart energy control saves up to 30% energy
  • Programmable pre-infusion up to 4 profiles for each group
  • Competition filters to capture the best coffee aromas
  • LED lights allow efficient working in low light conditions
  • Static relay regulates temperature for excellent accuracy
  • Immediate mixing of cold/hot water for better quality
  • Easy access to internal parts for quick technical service


Technical Data 2 Groups 3 Groups
Voltage (V) 220/240 1N, 380/415 3N 220/240 1N, 380/415 3N
Power Input (KW) 5.4 6.1
Steam Boiler Capacity (lt) 8.6 10
Steam Boiler Power (kW) 4.5 4.5
Pump Power (kW) 0.15 0.15
Group Boiler Capacity (lt) 1.0 1.5
Cup-heater Power (KW) 0.16 0.2
Group boiler element power (kW) 1.0 1.5
Net Weight (Kg) 97 120
Weight (with shipping crate) (kg) 148 171
Width (inches/mm) 35.5/902 42.2/1072
Depth (inches/mm) 25.5/646 25.5/646
Height (inches/mm ) 20.7/526 20.7/526