Precise Brew filter ‎02
Precise Brew filter ‎02
Precise Brew filter ‎02

Precise Brew filter ‎02

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A filter that combines precision in the size of free area, the use of up to 1000 repetitions,
the ecology, User-friendly, gentle with the aromas of coffee  & 100% recyclable.

The filter is available in 4 dimensions of openings to support every device and extraction method.

  • 20um: contribute to greater acidity (more acids)
  • 25um:enriches the body (more oils)
  • Impulse: balances the intensity of its acidity and its texture
  • Cold Brew Booster (Speed up the cold extraction process)

  1. Reusable / High Durability
  2. No Chlorine Smell
  3. Gentle to your Coffee
  4. Flow Brew Management
  5. Effective Filtration
  6. Unfit for Bacteria
  7. Easy Cleaning
  8. Fast removal of Contaminants
  9. Easy to Use           
10. Economic
11. Recycled Material
12. Low Carbon footprint
13. Longest Self life (up to 1000uses)
14. Extraction Efficiency
15. Balancing Act of the filter while brewing
16. Single & Uniform screen with very small pores
17. Wider & Accurate Open Surface
18. Fine level of filtration 20μm
19. Water Resistant
20. For Hot & Cold brew   

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