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Fiorenzato All Ground Home Coffee Grinder Artic White & Walnut Wood

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Fiorenzato All Ground Home Coffee Grinder:

Fiorenzato All Ground is an Italian built user-friendly and reliable home coffee grinder which offers the perfect grind for espresso, Moka pot and all styles of filter coffee using a visually intuitive touchscreen. Its high-precision grinding unleashes the bean's aroma and its irresistible fragrance. The touchscreen display featuring IPS technology is very responsive, it changes color according to grind mode and includes an icon for reference. And equipped with 64mm flat burrs made of titanium coated M340 steel, engineered to offer maximum performance for every grind.

Also, fine-tuning the grind size is effortless and precise thanks to the stepless micrometric adjustment ring. The beans hopper with a capacity of 1.5kg makes sure you don't have to keep refilling the beans again and again. Further, you can grind up to 1kg coffee beans per day and burrs perform optimally atleast for 1400kg coffee grounds.


How to use this coffee grinder:
  • Fill the beans hopper with fresh roasted beans.
  • By turning the adjustment ring nut, you can select the type of grinding desired between “Filter”, “Moka” and “Espresso”.
  • The machine management screen, corresponding to the type of grinding selected, displays automatically.
    • Espresso screen: Contains three function buttons for starting the desired grinding cycle: single dose grinding, Double dose grinding and manual grinding.
    • Moka screen: Contains Moka grinding function for starting the desired grinding cycle.
    • Filter screen: Contains Filter grinding function for starting the desired grinding cycle.
  • Insert the portafilter into the fork-shaped support under the ground coffee outlet.
  • Control the grinding start (and eventual stop) by using the appropriate function buttons.
  • Remove the portafilter once the process is over.


Care and Use:
  • Do not operate it without coffee beans in the hopper.
  • Never put ground coffee in the hopper intended only for coffee beans.
  • Do not use abrasive sponges and/or aggressive products that may damage the external surfaces of the machine. Never use jets of water or steam.
  • “WARNING” screen appears when the adjustment ring nut is released from its relative guide and removed from the machine body in order to clean the removable chamber and the grinders.


Fiorenzato offers innovative coffee grinders which will provide absolute precision and consistency, silent operation and exceptional reliability. It is at the forefront in the world of coffee grinders and perfect for any cafe. Check out the complete range