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Dhs. 1,995.00
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Attention: fit for VST 18gram Ridgeless basket.

QuinSpin was designed to address few issues while preparing espresso:

  1. Eliminates noisy banging. It’s simple mechanism is so sensitive that the weight of the portafilter itself will turn it on. Simply put it on top of each head and watch.

  2. Maintains cleanliness. All the extracted coffee goes straight to the bin bag underneath. No coffee particles land on the floor

  3. Allows one hand operation. Now you can easily clean two portafilters in one go. Especially practical with tight spaces.

  4. Improves speed of coffee preparation. Spend a good second on each head and that’s it. Keep smashing those espressos! Small tip…the faster you move from drill head to brush head the better!

QuinSpin brush head

Refurbishable custom size brush head

QuinSpin drill head

Custom size drill head