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Breville coffee distributer Motta 53mm

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by Motta
  • MANUAL METHODS AND OCD TOOL: Your coffee tastes uneven, unbalanced and has bitterness in the after-taste that is because the coffee bed is not leveled before tamping. The manual methods either gets the fine coffee grinds to the bottom of basket or an uneven level before tamping which causes inconsistent extraction.
  • FOR PROFESSIONAL SHOT OF ESPRESSO: Our coffee leveler tool is placed on top of a portafilter filled with coffee and swirled clockwise. The three blades on espresso leveler makes a perfectly leveled bed of coffee grounds to tamper for an exquisite shot of espresso
  • THE COFFEE DISTRIBUTOR 53MM: The coffee distribution tool 53mm is made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel disk. The perfectly weighted coffee distributor has an upgraded rust-free coating to the base which reduces friction and will not catch that many coffee grounds.
  • SILICON TAMPER MAT WITH STUDS: This espresso distributor comes with soft silicon tamping mat that gives organization and a sleek look to your coffee corner.
  • PRO-TIP: Fill the portafilter to the brim for a richer shot. The coffee distributor should be adjusted to a level that does not completely compresses the coffee grounds but leaves a cushion. Compress the grounds with a tamper and use good filtered water.