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E61 Rocket nota ECM profitec etc.. Naked Portafilter

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Get the best shots from your espresso machine with this naked filterholder (open filter holder) Use this in combination with the standard supplied 21 gram filter and see how the crema comes out the filter. In addition, the naked filter holder is an excellent method to see if your tamping technique and grinding is perfect!

Which naked filter holder is suitable for your machine? Take a look at the list below:

Brand MODEL Naked filterholder
Ascaso  Dream, Steel, Arc Ascaso 
Ascaso  Bar, Barista, Steel Pro, Steel/Dream PID E61
Bugatti  Diva Francis Francis
Bezzera BZ-series  Bezzera BZ
Bezzera Mitica and other E61 E61
BFC Junior E61
La Cimbali  M32 and other models Cimbali
ECM All models E61
Expobar All models E61
Divers E61 groups E61
Faema All models Faema
Francis Francis Brass boiler Francis Francis
Gaggia  Classic ea Gaggia Classic
Isomac Maveric Maverick
Isomac E61/Venus E61
Izzo Alex Duetto and others E61
Lelit PL41/PL42 Pavoni Domus Bar
Lelit Mara/Bianca E61
La Marzocco Linea/Gs3/PB Marzocco
La Pavoni Giotto E61
La Pavoni  Domus Bar Pavoni Domus Bar
Magister All models E61
QuickMill 810/3012/3012 (ESE) No options
QuickMill  800/2800/3000 series QuickMill
Rancilio  Silvia and others E61
Rocket All models E61
SanRemo  All models E61
La Scala Butterfly E61
Vibiemme All models E61
Kees van der Westen Mirage/Spirit/Speedster etc E61
Wega All models E61