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Marco SP9 Single Head with Boiler

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by Marco
  • Marco's SP9 offers your cafe the flexibility to brew single cups and small batches on demand, with a minimal counter-top footprint and fantastic results in the cup.

    The Marco SP9 opens up new menu offerings for your business, as you may offer more coffees and batch sizes with the consistency you would expect of a properly trained barista. The automatic brew cycle is easy to dial in with two simple controls - one for brew time from 1-5 minutes, and one for brew volume from 150-750 mL. After setting the desired parameters, just push the button once and the SP9 brew head will deliver 9 equal pulses with equal pauses, providing a consistent extraction every time.

    SP9 brew heads are compatible with most popular drippers, including the Hario V60, Kalita Wave, December Dripper, and even 3-cup, 6-cup, and 8-cup Chemexes. The clearance between the brew head and drain is 8.8 inches, and the included magnetic brew shelf opens up many possibilities for dripper and server combinations. Also included are two silicone shower heads for each brew head; one intended for general use, and the other designed specifically for Chemex-style brewers that extend further away from the brew head.

    Under the counter, a 6 liter boiler will hold your water at temperature all day long. Since one boiler can service one or two brew heards, you are free to tailor the system to your cafe's needs - and you can even install a MIX font for on-demand access to hot water instead of a brew head.

    Part of the strengths of the SP9 system is the fact that it circulates water between the brew head and boiler constantly while in operation. This brings fresh hot water up to the brew head at all times, keeping the brew head water temperature within about 2 F of target based on our experience. There is a drawback to this circulation however, as the maximum boiler temperature is only 204 F. Higher temperatures than this can cause cavitation problems with the pumps and affect circulation.


    • SP9 Brew Head (1 or 2, select from options above)
    • SP9 Boiler Unit
    • Magnetic brewing shelf
    • Two silicone shower heads per brew head
    • Flexible connection hoses
    • Mounting brackets and hardware
    • Instruction manual
    • Details:

    • Brew by-the-cup or small batches on demand
    • Simple controls and consistent results
    • Brew 150 - 750 mL batches with 9 equal water pulses
    • Undercounter boiler can service one or two brew heads, or an optional MIX 1 button font for hot water
    • Adjustable height magnetic shelf included
    • Compatible with many popular cone drippers, as well as 3-cup, 6-cup, and 8-cup Chemexes
    • Two silicone shower heads included for each brew head
    Model: Marco SP9 Single Marco SP9 Twin
    Model number: 1000832US 1000833US
    Cups per hour: 25 50
    Boiler capacity: 6 L 6 L
    Brew head dimensions: 5.2 in W x 7.5 in D x 16.5 in H 5.2 in W x 7.5 in D x 16.5 in H (x2, add 100 mm between heads minimum)
    Brew head to counter clearance: 8.8 in 8.8 in
    Undercounter boiler dimensions: 6 in W x 15.5 in D x 22.2 in H 6 in W x 15.5 in D x 22.2 in H
    Power 2400 W 2400 W
    Voltage: 220 V 220 V
    Amperage: 20 A 20 A
    Plug type: L6-20P L6-20P
    Plumbing: 3/8" Compression or 3/8" John Guest 3/8" Compression or 3/8" John Guest